2015 Artists

Join us for two fantastic days of worship, music, fun, and fellowship at this year's Hot Hearts in Texarkana, Texas!


Klint Ware

I was born and raised in Georgia. Growing up, my family and I never attended church, and I knew very little about God. Early on, God continued to put people in my life who would be instrumental in His drawing me to Himself. I attended college at the University of Georgia, and while there, the Lord gave me a new heart – He saved me. Because of this loving act of His grace, I owe Him everything.
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Heith Guilbert Band

Much of life is seen and understood through metaphors, and so it is with music. Being able to communicate the depth and intricacies of life through musical and lyrical metaphors have long moved the hearts of the masses.
For Heith Guilbert using the medium of musical metaphors to communicate on a heart level is something he’s been doing a long time.
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Colton Dixon

Even with Colton’s mass exposure from “American Idol,” he remains committed to share an inspirational message to the world. “'A servant isn't greater than his master, nor is a messenger greater than the One who sent him.' John 13:16. I try to live by this every day,” he says. “I believe that I am just one of the messengers that God has called to this world.”
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Royal Tailor

“We want people to come and enjoy the music, have fun and enjoy the presence of God,” Wells says. “But we also want to inspire them to go out and do something with that, like it has inspired us. We want to encourage them to get ready and go get plugged into their community, in their schools, in their churches and make a difference. We want people to know you can be who you want to be, you can achieve what you want to achieve and realize we’ve all been created for something greater than ourselves”
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Colton Dixon | Video

Royal Tailor | Video

Weekend Schedule

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Friday February 6th

6:00pm - Doors Open
7:00pm - Session Begins
10:00pm - Session Ends

Saturday February 7th

8:00am - Doors Open
9:00am - Session Begins
12:00pm - Session Ends


Venue & Nearby Hotels

First Baptist Church Texarkana, TX

3015 Moores Lane Texarkana, TX75501
903-831-6000 | fbctexarkana.org

Hot Hearts Texarkana Sponsoring Hotels

Hampton Inn and Courtyard Suites
4601 Cowhorn Creek Rd.

Candlewood Suites
2901 S. Cowhorn Creek Loop

Hilton Garden Inn
2910 S. Cowhorn Creek

Holiday Inn Express
4545 Cowhorn Creek Rd.


Get all the info you need for Hot Hearts 2014.

Online Registration

Mail-in Registration

You also have the option of mailing in a check to P.O. Box 7740 Texarkana, TX 75505.

Check-in///Student Drop-off

The volunteer staff of FBC will make this easy for you. Just follow their instructions. The student drop-off and registration entrance will be the FBC Atrium entrance off Cowhorn Creek Drive. You will be easily directed. Doors open at 6:00. The Registration table for all Youth Ministers or leaders is directly in front of you as you enter. Tables and booth for our personalities and other organizations are in the Atrium for all the students to enjoy.


Please contact Hot Hearts 2015 Staff if there are any questions.

Phone Number

office: 903.792.0641

Mailing Address

Hot Hearts 2015
P.O. box 7740
Texarkana, TX 75505